Fiber Artists on Display

The Falmouth Art Center has a new show in the Landrau-Partan Gallery during the month of May called Fiber Fusion. It features works by Christine Anderson, Carol Flax, Lisa Horton, Toni Newhall, and our very own Lorraine Haynes. The photo above shows a few of Lorraine’s quilts and even though the framed pieces by Carol Flax may look like photographs, they actually snips of reclaimed paper. (click on photos to enlarge)

The works on the left feature Christine Anderson and Lisa Horton. The fabric and yarn portrait features Toni Newhall.

More of Lorraine’s quilts and the framed piece is by Carol Flax.

If you have a moment and are downtown, stop by the Falmouth Art Center, 137 Gifford Street, Falmouth, Monday-Friday, 9-4, Saturday, 10-2, or Sunday 1-4 and take a closer look at these and the other exhibits on display. There is no charge for admission.

Until next time, keep your bobbin full and your rotary cutter sharp!

March Madness (In April) – Full of Talent!

Our monthly meeting reflected the range of talents of our membership. From UFO projects, to Show & Tells, to demonstrations; the pool of knowledge is always fascinating.

UFO Projects

Many of the UFO participants were not able to attend this month’s meeting but the two that did were very impressive.

Susan B. showed us her GE Designs (Gundrun Erla) Nikki quilt. Gundrun is one of Susan’s favorite designers. In fact, she enjoys her work so much that she is planning to become a certified instructor when the course becomes available. I’m sure she’ll have a full schedule of teaching engagements!

Ruth W. dazzled us with the “bird blocks” she discovered during one of her hunts for old and unloved textiles. Since the original bird blocks were set on point, she has been developing a pattern where she can continue that idea and bring them to life. Even the triangle ends will be pieced!

Comfort Quilts

The Guild hands out dozens of comfort quilts each year to organizations that distribute them to community members or areas in need. Guild members make and donate the quilts on a regular basis all year for this purpose.

This quilt was made by Deborah W. I believe the fabric came from donations from our Sew-a-thon earlier this year and Deborah put it together and quilted it.

Carol S. completed these two delightful quilts even while her hand was in a cast. That’s dedication!!

Show & Tell

During Show & Tell we were treated to more terrific work by members and another guild.

Penny B. and Denise M. shared the raffle quilt for one of the other Cape guilds they belong to, Holly Berry Quilter’s Guild. It’s called Stars Over Cape Cod. You can watch for them out and about selling raffle tickets.

Susan B. presented another GE Designs pattern Fool Proof Geese, although the bunnies were something she added.

Joanne K. made this fun wine bottle table runner. She liked it so much, she’s making another one. She stated the slow, long curves were very easy to sew and they fit right into each other.


After some general business information we went straight into demonstrations lead by our guild members.

Ruth showed how to take a standard machine apart for cleaning and all the best tools needed to get the job done. She mentioned her father was a sewing machine salesman and remembers watching him taking apart machines on their kitchen table. Obviously, it rubbed off. So many times a poorly functioning machine just needs a good cleaning and a new needle.

Sue McK. shared how to make this cute and easy peasy little catch all basket out of two 9″ squares of fabric and a 9″ square of Thermore® batting. Using two different fabrics makes them reversible. A few days after Sue’s demonstration, I saw smaller ones used as pint ice cream cozies and of course you can make them larger for soup bowls or even bread baskets for your table. They’re easy enough to toss in the wash!

Again, demonstrating her favorite designer and technique, Susan B. showed how easy it is to accomplish the quilt as you go technique using several different products. What’s better than having your quilt almost completely finished once you sew all your blocks together!

Having so many talented members in our group is very handy and thank you to the Planning Committee, Susan B., Lori C. and Sue McK. for tapping into the talent!

Until next time, keep your bobbin full and your rotary cutter sharp!

Welcome Little One!

As you may know, March was National Crafting Month and the third Saturday in March, which was March 18 this year, is designated as National Quilting Day. The Quilt Alliance, in conjunction with the National Quilt Museum, listed a variety of things that could do to mark the day.

One of the suggestions was to give a quilt to the first baby born in your town on March 18. With privacy issues as they are and our local hospital shutting down it’s maternity ward, we reached out to Cape Cod Hospital that houses the maternity wing. They were very happy to participate in our goal.

In the early hours of March 18 a baby boy came into the world. We received this lovely note of thanks.

Thank you to Sue McK. for making this lovely quilt and to Lori C. for putting together the package and delivering it to the hospital. We plan to make this an annual event.

Unfortunately, Covid finally caught up to me so I was unable to attend our March meeting so there aren’t any photos. I did participate via Zoom but we were having some technical difficulties and those at home couldn’t see those at the meeting.

I was sadden by this because the point of the meeting was to get to know and/or reintroduce ourselves to each other, as we’ve had so many new members join since our October Open House. Putting a name to face has been difficult to say the least. I did learn some interesting facts about our membership such as how many members have lived in several different parts of the country and even the world. We have members with military experience, either by serving themselves or due to a family member in the service. Members have worked as engineers and teachers. Some have just started sewing in recent years and some have decades of experience. It just goes to show that there’s no set criteria to enjoy quilting. You can start any time and quilters come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Until next time, keep your bobbin full and your rotary cutter sharp!