We are still meeting in a hybrid manner – in person and on Zoom. Mask Advisory: Mass Department of Public Health advises all unvaccinated residents to continue to wear masks in indoor settings and when they can’t socially distance. The advisory also recommends that vaccinated residents who are at increased risk from COVID-19, or who live with someone at increased risk, should wear a face covering indoors (other than in their home).

Holly Santangelo and Lori Crawley, representing the Programs Committee, have organized several in-person demonstrations this month. Lori, Holly, and Susan will demonstrate three different skills.

The Row Quilts will be revealed at this meeting.


We are still meeting in a hybrid manner – in person and on Zoom.

Lori is planning a weekend retreat later this year. Details will be forthcoming.

Lynn is still working on the design for the Mystery Quilt.

There is a Pumpkin Block Swap. Sign up is by September 1 and blocks need to be mailed to participants by October 31st.


In June, we were still meeting remotely. In July, we were finally able to access the Recreation Center for an in-person meeting however, due to limited parking as a result of the Falmouth Commodore’s game and other events in that part of town, several members returned home to watch via Zoom.

It was decided, due to short planning time, we will not have our annual picnic get together this year but will focus on our holiday party in December. No decision has been made yet on our October open house.


With Covid protocols slowly lifting we discussed what might be the possibilities of meeting in person. It was decided that we’d have one more meeting via Zoom to get a better handle on whether we’ll be able to return to the Gus Canty Recreation Center for meetings or perhaps have an outdoor meeting.

A “Virtual Show and Tell” is being organized by Rosemarie Gentile. Members were asked to submit photos of completed and/or partially completed projects from the past and present with short descriptions to share on a digital platform. Currently, the viewing will be for members only.


It is anticipated that Lynn DiRusso and Lori Crawley will be providing more details to those who have signed up for the Mystery Quilt, which will include several virtual group sessions.

Susan Berteaux has had experience with several quilting subscription boxes. She will explain their contents and what they offer to quilters. If anyone else has had experience with quilt box subscriptions, they are welcome to provide their insight into the pros and cons.


Message from our President:

Tune in this Thursday, March 18 at 6:30 PM to hear about our guild’s activities and to welcome our special guest speaker, Alyson Ainsworth.  Alyson works at Chilewich, a high-end store that designs innovative textiles for placemats, floor mats, etc. where she is a Master Weaver for the company.

We will give the majority of our meeting time to Alyson but there will still be time to share your work in our Show & Tell.

For updates on the Chicken Block Swap, see the Program Calendar page.


Message from our President:

Hello everyone!

I hope you are finding yourselves warm and cozy in your homes quilting away. I am lucky to report I just retired on January 29th after 42 years and happy to report that I have had a chance to get some quilting done and am enjoying it.

This month’s meeting we will be able to share about our chicken swap that is going on and the row quilt. We will be starting the second month for the row quilt and it will be moving from the second row to the next person on the list to start the third row. By the end there will be 8 rows to this quilt. For those of us who are part of the chicken block swap, some chickens have been moving to their new coop and it has been fun to go to the mail and receive those chickens. If you were unable to do the chicken swap don’t feel left out. We have a new block swap in the works and are exciting about sharing it with all of you once all the chickens have found their new coop to live.

At the February meeting we will introduce the first ever “Scrappy Zoom Mystery Quilt”. Come and join us on this new adventure together. Nothing like sewing and laughing with friends. We will meet on Zoom as we sew month to month together through each step. If you are interested, email Lynn or Lori. We are getting the plans together now, but here’s an idea of how it will work:

1)  Once a month you will get instructions, just like other mystery quilts.
2)  Every month we will meet on a day and time that works best for most (not our meeting day).
3)  Instead of sewing each step alone we will get together on Zoom and sew together, month-to-month.
4)  We can ask questions, see what each of us are doing, and have some laughs.
5)  Don’t worry if you are unable to make a Zoom meeting – we will email each step to you.

So sign up and let’s create together!

Contact: Lori, or Lynn,

I have also sent an email to a woman in Manhattan, New York. She is my friend’s daughter who works at Chilewich, which is a high-end store that designs innovative textiles for placemats, floor mats, etc. Alyson went to Rhode Island School of Design and now works at Chilewich where she designs for their company. She also does weaving and I have extended her an invitation to come and talk with us at a future meeting so we can hear her story and how she got started and what she is doing now.

Florence has started her Block of the Month for March and it is a very cute block. Susan will get the directions out to us all through email. Also, we will talk about the changes in our web site.

We will meet this Thursday, February 18th at 6:30 p.m. Can’t wait to see all of you and hear what you have been doing since January.

As always, stay safe and healthy and see you on ZOOM!


As always, stay safe and healthy and see you on ZOOM!



Message from our President:

Happy New Year and hopefully everyone is staying safe and healthy this new year. I can’t wait for the time when we will all be able to get together, laugh, chat and do some quilting together again.

The Officers have discussed and talked about the upcoming year and the membership dues. This March it will be 1 year since we have been able to meet and do anything as a guild. That, combined with the fact that we probably won’t be able to meet until at least sometime this summer, the Board decided to waive the membership fee of $20.

In doing so, we would still ask you to send in your membership form to join as a member, but do not mail in a check to cover the fee for this year. We would also like to take this time to hopefully increase our membership by using the NO Membership Fee for the year as an incentive to gain some new members.

If you already sent in a check, it will be returned or voided – let Deborah know what you would like her to do. Deborah Winograd,

As a reminder, this January Meeting is “Meet the Quilter” and our guest will be Ginger from our Guild who will give us a tour of her craft room as well as talking about how she got into crafts/quilting and she will do a card making demonstration. Some of us will be listening and watching, while others signed up to get a kit to follow along with the demonstration and make their own card.

For those of us who signed up to get the kit: you will need to have your own glue ready for the meeting.

I look forward to listening and learning from Ginger and look forward to hearing and seeing what you all have been doing over this last month.

Our next meeting is Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 6:30 PM and the link to access the ZOOM room is below.

See you all soon, Lori