Officers and Activity Coordinators



Elected officers serve two year terms. Election of officers occurs at the December meeting.

President:Lori Crawley
Vice President:Trish Currey
Secretary:Jennifer Linton
Treasurer:Holly Santangelo

Program Committee    

Lori Crawley, Susan Berteaux, Sue McKinley


Deborah Winograd

Barnstable County Fair

Cathy Williamson and Micki Tor

Special Entries for the 2023 Fair:
• Memories – any method
• Sunrise/Sunset – any method

Birthday Basket                       

Joanne Kurker

Block of the Month                  

Florence Stedman and Holly Santangelo

Comfort Quilts                         

Carol Swirbliss, Julie Palmieri, and Penny Bartlett

We will be collecting Comfort Quilts. For a label, contact Julie who will mail one to you.

Falmouth Art Center                

Cathy Williamson

Falmouth Service Center/Backpack Program

Micki Tor


Coordinators of July summer picnic and December winter dinner.

Lois Ferreira and Gail Goraj

Lending Library                        

Susan Berteaux


Deborah Winograd

Mystery Quilt                          

Penny Bartlett

In August 2022, a new Mystery Quilt was organized by Penny Bartlett. Information was handed out in September with fabric and cutting instructions and the first sewing took place during the month of October. New instructions will be emailed to participants each month through March or April 2023 with a final reveal at our July 2023 potluck dinner meeting.

New England Quilt Museum    

Holly Santangelo

Holly has tickets, which the guild receives for our donation to the museum.


Ginger Rabesa

A request for news will be emailed to members two weeks before the next meeting. The newsletter will be emailed about one week before the meeting. Additional announcements may be sent during the month as needed.

Nominations, Elections, and Committees  Officers, Committees, and Coordinators are asked in November if they would like to continue in their positions. If members have been in a position for multiple years and would like to change or take a break, other members are asked to step forward and express their interest. Officer position which make up the Board include, President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Voting for officers take place annually at the December meeting.

Open House Planning Committee


This is a big event. Volunteers are needed to make the Open House a success.

Program Committee

Lori, Crawley, Susan Berteaux, and Sue McKinley

Raffle Quilt 2023               

Susan Noel-Cote and Ginger Rabesa

Social Media (Website & Facebook)

Ginger Rabesa


Maggie Subhas

Please let Maggie know if there is a Guild member who has been ill, lost a family member, etc. so she may send them a card.

Ways and Means                     

Lori Crawley, Nancy Devere, and Pauli Pendleton

Weekend Retreats

Susan Dunn