Officers and Activity Coordinators



Elected officers serve two year terms. Election of officers occurs at the December meeting.

President:Lori Crawley
Vice President:Trish Currey
Secretary:Jennifer Linton
Treasurer:Holly Santangelo

Attendance – Deborah Winograd

Barnstable County Fair

Organized by Holly Berry Quilters Guild

Special Entries for the 2023 Fair:
• Memories – any method
• Sunrise/Sunset – any method

Birthday Basket – Joanne Kurker

Job Description: A member takes charge of purchasing small gifts (funds are provided by the guild), wraps the gifts, and places them in a basket. At each meeting, members who have a birthday that month choose a gift from the basket.

Block of the Month – Florence Stedman and Holly Santangelo

Job Description: The coordinator of this activity will show a demo block and offer the pattern and instructions to participants. The following month the finished block is returned (name must be attached to block) and the winner is drawn from those names AND receives all the blocks. Only one entry per person please.

Comfort Quilts – Carol Swirbliss, Julie Palmieri, and Penny Bartlett

Job Description: The Comfort Quilt program is a volunteer effort where members are encouraged to make quilts that will be donated to local agencies. The Comfort Quilts Committee will find locations that would like to receive quilts. Each member is encouraged to donate one quilt a year. The sizes requested are typically baby or throw, and the colors and design is the maker’s choice. Finished quilts can be turned in to the Comfort Quilt volunteers at any meeting. It is important that the member’s name be pinned to the quilt. A Crazy Quilters label will be sewn to the back. Any member may request one of these quilts for anyone in need.

Falmouth Art Center – Cathy Williamson

Job Description: In the past, Crazy Quilters have been invited to submit their work for exhibits or to attend classes. A Crazy Quilters’ liaison between the two (2) groups will keep members apprised of exhibits, special classes, etc. You may also visit their website for more information at:

Falmouth Service Center/Backpack Program – Micki Tor

Job Description: Crazy Quilters maintains an affiliation with the Falmouth Service Center, which is an organization that serves as a distribution center for food, clothing, fuel assistance, etc. The Guild participates in the Back-to-School program in the fall and Christmas program. A vote is taken each year to determine the amount of money to be spent on each program.

Hospitality – Lois Ferreira and Gail Goraj

Crazy Quilters has two functions each year – the summer picnic (July or August) and the December Holiday Celebration. The Hospitality volunteers coordinate with the Program Committee to organize both parties. The functions are held during regular monthly meetings and may have an earlier start time. The Hospitality Committee will plan and make preparations for these events including arranging with the Community Center to arrive early to set up and decorate, if needed. Each event may be pot luck or catered. If it is pot luck, the Committee will recruit members to provide an appetizer, entree or dessert. If the party is catered, there may be a small charge. The Committee ensures proper clean-up and leaves the room in original condition.

Lending Library – Susan Berteaux

Job Description: The Guild maintains an online database of the books in its library through The volunteer will add any additional books on the database donated to or purchased by the Guild and store them on the book truck. The database can be browsed online and members can checkout the book(s) at the next meeting. Note: At this time, items on the book truck are not in any logical order. https//

Membership – Deborah Winograd

Job Description: Annual dues are $20.00 and must be paid by the January meeting in order for your name to be included on the membership list, which is published by end of February. Members leaving for the winter months are encourage to pay their dues before leaving the area. Membership runs for one (1) year from January through December. New members are welcome all through the year. Dues will remain at $20.00 until June when they will be pro-rated for new members. Returning members who rejoin after February will still be charged $20.00. Anyone joining after the membership list is published will have their name listed in the monthly newsletter and should be added to your membership list.

Members may attend meetings at no cost, participate in activities, are able to show quilts at our quilt show, have access to the four Guild passes to the NEQM, and may list their quilting related services on our website.

The responsibilities of being a Crazy Quilter include participating in our annual quilt raffle by making blocks for the quilt and selling $20.00 in raffle tickets. Each member is encourage to make at least once comfort quilt a year. All members will be expected to wear a provided name tag at each meeting. Members are required to assist with any quilt show to the best of their ability.

Membership cards are issued annually and may be shown in some quilt shops for discounts.

Mystery Quilt – Penny Bartlett                

Job Description: The activity lives up to its name since only the volunteer coordinator(s) who select the pattern know how the completed quilt looks ergo, the mystery. This can be a five (5) or six (6) month project, which usually begins early in the year. On the first month of the mystery, the participants will receive the quantity of each fabric needed and cutting instructions. Each month a new clue will be handed out. Finished quilts are usually revealed two (2) months after the last clue is given out. Participants enjoy watching the evolution of the quilt and seeing the mystery solved.

In August 2022, a new Mystery Quilt was organized. Information was handed out in September with fabric and cutting instructions and the first sewing took place during the month of October. New instructions will be emailed to participants each month through April 2023 with a final reveal at our July 2023 potluck dinner meeting.

New England Quilt Museum – Holly Santangelo

Job Description: Each year the Guild donates to the New England Quilt Museum (NEQM). In return, the Guild receives four (4) tickets for member use to visit the Museum.

Newsletter – Ginger Rabesa

Job Description – The newsletter “Between the Seams” is published monthly with occasional exceptions (i.e., if there is no meeting that month) and is distributed via email. If you do not have an email address, please make arrangements with a friend to receive a copy.

A request for news will be emailed to members two weeks before the next meeting. Volunteer Coordinators of Crazy Quilters committees or activities are expected to contribute relevant information to the newsletter each month. The newsletter will be emailed about one week before the meeting. Additional announcements may be sent during the month as needed.

Nominations, Elections, and Committees  Officers, Committees, and Coordinators are asked in November if they would like to continue in their positions. If members have been in a position for multiple years and would like to change or take a break, other members are asked to step forward and express their interest. Officer position which make up the Board include, President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Voting for officers take place annually at the December meeting.

Program Committee – Lori Crawley, Susan Berteaux, and Sue McKinley

It is the responsibility of the Program Committee to plan the meeting activities, book speakers, plan workshops, and set up the yearly calendar for the education and enjoyment of Guild members. The calendar of future activities is listed in the newsletter to allow members to make plans in advance. It is important to recheck the calendar often in the event that an activity needs to be cancelled or rescheduled. Any member is welcome to participate on this committee. All ideas are welcome.

Quilt Show Planning Committee – Lori Crawley and Holly Santangelo

This is the main public event for the Guild. Organizational meetings will take place beginning no later than May to plan timeline for gathering quilts for display, begin gathering member sign up of PICs (Person in Charge) of each activity and assigning duties. Such activities but not limited to are accessing quilt racks, quilt display floor plan and hanging of quilts the day before the quilt show and taking down the same, taking in and returning of quilts to members after the show, reminding members to make items for Boutique Table, pricing, organizing, and selling of same items day of the show, set up and selling of tickets for Raffle Quilt, etc. All members are expected to help with the show to the best of their ability.

Publicity – Ginger Rabesa             

It is the responsibility of the member handling publicity to notify the ‘Falmouth Enterprise’, local newspapers and other news outlets of monthly meetings, workshops, and exhibits, and any other newsworthy events such as donations. Photos often will accompany the article.

Raffle Quilt 2023 – Susan Noel-Cote and Ginger Rabesa

Members collectively create a quilt to be raffled annually, either at a meeting or at our quilt show. This is a major fundraiser for the Guild. Every member is expected to make blocks for the quilt, which is planned, assembled, and completed by the Raffle Quilt Committee. Members are also required to sell or purchase raffle tickets at a cost of $20.00. Raffle tickets may also be sold at other events outside of regular meeting times, and members are encourage to sell additional tickets to family and friends. A portion of raffle proceeds is donated to a local cause selected by the Raffle Quilt chair.

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Please let Maggie know if there is a Guild member who has been ill, lost a family member, etc. so she may send them a card.

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