Barnstable County Fair 2022 Winners

UPDATE 7.27.22

Congratulations to Crazy Quilters members Joan C. and Micki T. for their wins of Silver Bowls at the Barnstable County Fair!

Joan was awarded the Myers Silver Bowl for excellence of design and craftsmanship on her diamond quilt.

Micki received the Francis A. Crones Memorial Silver Bowl, which is awarded to any department and to any person in the Adult Exhibit Building. Ms Crones herself looks at all the entries in each department and category and choses one. Anyone is eligible for this honor and not necessarily a ribbon winner or Best of Show. Micki’s blue and white quilt with the gorgeous truck panel received many comments from attendees.

Congratulations also to other guild member ribbon winners! Well done!!

Cori Barrett

Lori Crawley (and friends)

Nancy Devere

Lorraine Haynes

Lynn Kinch

Ginger Rabesa

Micki Tor

Cathy Williamson

The photographs don’t do justice to the beautiful examples of work submitted this year.

Skills Night

We had an informative and fun June meeting. It was member Skills Night and we had some interesting demonstrations.

Gadgets & Other Interesting Things

Nancy D. showed us a variety of quilting gadgets she has picked up along her journey. They included items like a magnetic needle scoop. I don’t know what else to call it but it’s a fascinating little item. You can see Nancy reaching for the scoop in the photo.

It is different from all other magnetic pin holders since it holds pins in the cup portion of the scoop but when you press a little handle on the scoop, the magnet comes away and the pins are released so you can drop them into any cup. Release the handle to engage the magnet to pick up the pins again. I searched Google and Etsy shops but can’t seem to find this device.

Nancy said it was invented by a high school student. I would guess his mother was a quilter.

Another item Nancy offered up was a two-sided cutting mat, which I believe was a Quilters Select product. One side is dark and a there’s a lighter color on the other side so you can switch off depending upon the color of your fabric. She also brought in some other items that weren’t directly related to quilting like rollers that can turn a stationary chair into a rolling chair and risers for your bed legs to make your bed taller.

Electronic Cutting and the Quilting World

Susan N-C brought in her Cricuit electronic cutter that was connected to her laptop. She demonstrated how easily and accurately pieces of fabric can be cut, whether it’s for applique or a pieced block. You don’t even need to put fusible on the back, the tacky mat holds everything in place.

Susan said she likes this method for piecing blocks rather than using strip piecing methods as it makes her piecing and assembling of blocks more accurate. She can set up her design on her computer and layout the pieces allowing her to cut multiple fabrics and shapes all at one time.

Wiggles & Waves

I apologize to Trish C for not getting a photo of her demonstration of Karen Eckmeier’s Wiggles & Waves Free Form Curves technique. I think I was so enthralled with this method of sewing curves without stress that I just totally forgot!

If you’ve always wanted to make a quilt with curves but were too intimidated by the idea, this might be a good way to get you started. The pieces are all top-stitched and free formed so accuracy doesn’t appear to be a really big deal. Here’s a video of Karen demonstrating the rose, which Trish demonstrated for us.

We’re looking forward to a presentation at our July meeting by Carolyn Emerson, watercolor and pastel artist. It also happens that Carolyn is mother of our treasurer, Holly S. and the nut hasn’t fallen far from the tree as Holly has put the artistry she’s inherited into creating her beautiful one-of-a-kind quilts.

Quilting – It’s much more than squares and triangles!

The Guild welcomed Sue Colozzi to our meeting this month. Sue shared a small sampling of her works that reflected how her design esthetic has progressed over time and what inspires her work. Her pieces are most often a reflection of the photographs she’s taken on her travels. See them HERE.

Sue was featured in the Dec2019/Jan2020 Quilting Arts Magazine (pg.38). If you’re a Falmouth Public Library CLAMS member you can access the digital version. She also has a piece on display at the New England Quilt museum, which features some of the techniques she uses when creating her art.

No two works are ever made exactly the same, as Sue is constantly looking for new media to incorporate that will provide that perfect texture and bring the piece to life. Fabrics, string, yarn, and actual grasses might appear in one of her works.

Go to Sue’s website or her Facebook page to see more of her work and to be updated about upcoming class opportunities

Spring Quilt Presentations

This spring Guild members are being treated to inspiration from members as well as quilters and artists from the Cape and beyond.

In March, Guild member Nancy D. presented a mini trunk show of her quilting journey. Her amazing talent was truly an inspiration to see. Nancy was a Yellow Ribbon winner at the last in-person Vermont Quilt Festival in 2019.

In April we welcomed Noreen Couture, a member of the Bayberry Quilters of Cape Cod. Noreen entertained us with her amusing stories and a display of some amazing quilts, some of which were Blue Ribbon winners and one that was displayed at Paducah.

You can view Nancy’s and Noreen’s quilts HERE.

Noreen also spoke about how she starting quilting after she retired as a postmaster and learned a lot by watching videos on The Quilt Show hosted by Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson. The membership is only $49/year and you have access to lots of video tutorials and special offers.

We’re looking forward to our May meeting as Sue Colozzi, an incredible landscape quilt artist and teacher, will share some of her quilts and design inspirations. She has been teaching landscape quilt classes at the Falmouth Art Center for several years.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for our fall Open House on Saturday, October 8 and purchase raffle tickets for our quilt. Watch for more info on this. Proceeds will benefit the Falmouth Recreation Center and our other educational endeavors such as the Book Bags for Kids coordinated by the Falmouth Service Center.

Ruth Wilcox Featured Quilter at Tumbleweeds

Ruth Wilcox, member of the Crazy Quilters of Cape Cod quilt guild, is the featured quilter in the gallery at Tumbleweed Quilts, Route 132/6A, Barnstable, MA. Her quilts will be on display through the end of February.

Ruth explained that some of her quilts are interactive, such as The Ties That Bind quilt in the lower right corner that has a working bicycle bell and is made of “Political Ties”. She made the quilt for a challenge and the theme was Freedom Rings.

Ruth commented, after seeing her quilts displayed, “Now that the quilts are on the wall, I see corrections I would like to make. Nothing is ever finished.”

Take a ride over to Tumbleweed Quilts and get a closer look at these amazing pieces of art.

Ruth was gifted this row quilts by the Wednesday night class at Tumbleweed. Most of the makers were members of Crazy Quilters.

It’s Official – Open House 2022 is On!

It was announced at the January Crazy Quilters Guild meeting that our Annual Open House has been scheduled and the Gus Canty Recreation Center on Main Street in Falmouth, MA has been booked.

Save the date – Saturday, October 8!

The 2022 Raffle Quilt (the photo below only reflects half of the quilt) will be sent off to be machine quilted and ticket sales will begin soon. The drawing will take place the day of the Open House.

Time to Renew Your Membership

In 2021, the Guild voted to wave our annual dues of $20. As time has passed and the Covid situation has improved, we have decided to reinstate the dues requirement for 2022.

If you would like to renew your membership, please go to the MEMBERSHIP page to download the 2022 Membership Form. You can either mail in your check to the address on the form or bring it to the December meeting.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

What a great meeting this month! We’re slowly starting to get back to normal. Ten members were present in-person and ten members were watching via Zoom.

Guild members Susan Berteaux and Holly Santangelo provided demonstrations on using specialty rulers and ways to cut flying geese. Both presentations were well received and were found to be helpful in cutting and sewing more complicated pieces. For details and links to products and instructions, go to our EVENTS page.

In addition, the row quilts that members have been working on over the past 8 months were revealed. To view the beautiful and amazing end results, go to our EVENTS page.

Choosing the Right Thread & Needle

One of our members shared an interesting and informative article from the Aurifil blog Auribuzz about selecting the correct thread and needle combination to achieve the results you want. The article features Yvonne Fuchs who describes herself as a “former aerospace engineer turned modern quilter, designer, and technical editor.”  Yvonne has her own blog QuiltingJetGirl.

You may find this article very helpful when taking on your next project, whether it be machine quilting or taking on your first thread painting project.

We Have a Winner or two, or seven!

The Barnstable County Fair may have come and gone but we want to take this opportunity to thank all the guild members who worked to intake, arrange, and sat with the quilt exhibit this year.

We also want to congratulate the Crazy Quilters of Cape Cod members who entered ribbon-winning quilts this year:

  • Joan Carpenter
  • Lorraine Gentile Haynes
  • Elga O’Dell
  • Micki Tor
  • Cathy Williamson
  • Lori Crawley
  • Lynne Kinch

The Special Categories for the 2022 Barnstable County Fair are:

  • Jungle Fever
  • Black and Blue

Here is a display of the beautiful entries from this year’s Fair: